Ways to Make Your iPhone More Productive

Everybody agrees – iPhones are revolutionary. But, how do you use yours? Do you manipulate it like a pro or do your fingers run through its screen like a novice? Well, these tips will help you make the most out of your iPhone.

Pair it With a Projector

Yes. You can use your iPhone with a projector to enjoy an outstanding watching or gaming experience. And the beauty of it is that most smartphone projectors are compact and portable, which means that that you can take yours anywhere. Be sure to visit SelectedBest.info to check out the best portable projectors for your iPhone, iPad or laptop and what each has to offer.

Use it to Sooth Your Way to Sleep

Indeed, your iPhone has a timer function but that you can use creatively. In the clock’s app, there is a feature that allows you to set your phone to stop playing music when time elapses. In essence, this is a sleep function that you can use to help you fall asleep to moves or music. And, it may catch your attention to know it’s compatible with the YouTube app.

Delete Photos, the Fun Way

We’re living in the era of Tinder and its fun. Who knew that swiping left and right could turn dating into an addictive game? But, with Tinder comes the need to manage your photos. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be hard work with an iPhone. You can simply use a free iOS to make the job of getting rid of images staked in your photo super easy. All you need to do is to create enough time to swipe through your gadget’s memory lane, and you’ll get the job done in a snap.

Bookmark Your Life

There is this cool iPhone feature called “Remind me about this” that allows you to bookmark your life – literally. If you suddenly remember that you were to call someone, for instance, all you got to do is to request Siri to remind you about it later. You can even choose the specific place or time. By extension, this means that you don’t have to skip a crucial task if you fall asleep or are having a busy day.

In conclusion, these aren’t the only ways to increase your iPhone’s productivity. However, they are some of the most effective. Others include setting your phone to type tedious task quickly and using Siri to make calls.

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