Top Vegetables for Juicing

With a few rare exceptions, any vegetable that we cook can give greater nutrition if consumed raw. The only thing is that you have to do a lot of chewing to get the fiber into your body. With most vegetables being 80 percent water, juicing is the perfect way to make the nutrients more usable in your body as compared o eating raw vegetables.

While raw fruits act as cleansers for the system, vegetables are vital for cell and tissue building. Juice made out of vegetable is so good for soothing nerves and to remove any toxins that have accumulated in the body. The juice is also ideal for many health issues.

The right way to enjoy the benefits of fruit and vegetable juice is to take it at least half an hour after eating. Do not take the juice before meals because it might affect the digestive process. Let us look at the common vegetables ideal for juicing.


This was traditionally used as animal feed, but has seen wider human consumption. You should only use the leaves for this purpose. This vegetable is rich in calcium, potassium, nitrogen, magnesium and phosphorus.


This vegetable is rich in sodium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and some iron. It is a strong cleanser for the bladder and the kidneys therefore should be used moderately. A single glass of asparagus can supply more than 60 percent of the daily recommended intake of foliate. Foliate is good for the heart and helps prevent birth defects.


These contain sodium, iron, potassium and manganese. The tops are rich in manganese which helps iron to work in building blood and the liver. Beet juice is very powerful, so don’t start on a full cup each day until your body gets used to it. It is rich in foliates that are good for general health and prevention of birth defects.


This vegetable is rich in sulfur, phosphorus and potassium. Use the stems as well as the leaves. It is a great cleanser and is ideal for weight loss.

The Right Equipment

Once you have the ingredients, you need the right tool for the job. Make sure you have the right juicer from to extract all the nutrients for you to enjoy.

The Bottom-line

Juicing comes with a lot of benefits for all ages. You need to understand the different ingredients and the main reasons why you are getting into juicing.

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