The 4 Different Kinds of Bathtubs Available For You

Stranded on which bathtub to purchase? Well, you don’t have to. First, you have to understand that each tub has a different function clearly. There are those bathtubs that are meant for everyday use by the entire family including household pets. Then there are tubs that you occasionally use to give yourself a luxurious treat after a long week. The kind of bathtub you choose should perfectly fit your preference. Think of a tub as an investment that you should get right the first time. Consider the space available and the kind of floor reinforcement before choosing your bathtub.

Below are some available bathtubs to choose from:

Air and Whirlpool tubs

These are not your usual tubs. They are meant to give you that great therapeutic experience you desire so much. They help you relax after a long and tiring week. The mechanism of shooting water and air bubbles in specific areas massages your body soothingly while soaking yourself. The whirlpool tub injects water and stirs it continuously while the air tub pushes air through the plumbing system. This force helps in creating bubbles making you have a spa-like soaking session.

Walk-in bathtubs

These tubs are ideal for the elderly with mobility issues. Everyone in the family can also use them. These tubs have a door that you only walk into the tub, and you don’t have to climb. Their doors have a seal that prevents water from leaking out once you are in. They are of different water capacities and are usually dipper than your standard bathtub. Such tubs are ideal for your standard bathroom space because they don’t require a lot of space.

Standard bathtubs

These are your usual tubs. They are affordable and are available in most stores. You will find them in almost all homes because fixing and maintaining them is not that difficult. The entire family can use these tubs including household pets. They are also available in different water capacities.

Soaking tubs

As the name suggests, these bathtubs allow you to immerse your body entirely. They are dipper than your standard tub to let in more water. These tubs come in different shapes, colors, and styles. They are also relatively affordable. To enjoy your “me” time after a long week or journey, you can soak yourself in these tubs because they help you relax and forget about all your worries.


Having the information on which tub suits you best is important when making a purchase decision. Be sure to check out the available bathtubs and choose what works for you. The space available in your bathroom will help guide you on which tub works best for you. If you also have people with mobility issues in your house, you may consider that and go for a tub that gives them pleasure without compromising their health.

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