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Rest is probably the easiest requirement in the bodybuilding industry. Whether you exercise to lose weight or gain muscles, you are likely to overlook it. Have you noticed how hard it is to hit the gym when you are tired? It happens to everyone. Obviously, the workout will be a nightmare. Keep in mind that everyone has a busy lifestyle in one way or another. Some people work 10 hours a day, while others spend half a day in school. Do not forget about breaks and relaxing moments either. With all these, you can always go to sleep early. You need to rest for your muscles to recover or the entire workout is in vain.


Not sure how to keep track of all these? Olivier Poirier-Leroy steps in to introduce YourWorkoutBook – the most detailed and sophisticated workout journal log for both newbies and experienced bodybuilders. There is nothing more motivational than that. At the same time, the official blog also releases some helpful hints for those who keep struggling without seeing any major results. Keep the motivation up with a few tips and monitor your workouts with this journal. This is it. Get some dedication and you are ready to start exercising. Check out YourWorkoutBook for other details.






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