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How can you tell the royalty rate for an apparel brand? How about a technological asset? Can your license be granted to subsidiaries? All these questions arise when least expected, especially if you are new to licensing and royalty rates. If you are not sure about this and that, a benchmarking study is one of your primary choices out there. The benchmarking study conducted by Royalty Range is detailed and based on public agreements and records, only to determine how far your royalty range can go, regardless of what kind of service or product you deal with.

Generally speaking, a benchmarking study is supposed to determine if the transactions comply with the agreement, the British company takes it further than that and provides plenty of extra information that may help in achieving a successful collaboration. For example, customers gain more details on intellectual property valuation, consulting, license agreements and so on. Royalty Range also provides a customized service for those who cannot find information based on their interests and needs. Training is also among the main services available on site. Feel free to visit link for more information.

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