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Full service catering companies in Miami can usually handle all your food requirements, from the initial discussion to the last step. Basically, you get a full assistance in planning the menu, as well as a few suggestions from past experience. What works for a corporate event may not necessarily work for a birthday party. Other than that, you can focus on your guests while someone else goes through the hassle and stress associated with the cooking part. A complete service can handle the serving, as well as the cleanup.

Alexander Event Catering is one of the leading names in Miami. With close to three decades of experience, the company has handled all kinds of events, including small parties, weddings and corporate events. The wide broad of menu options are both enticing and overwhelming for potential customers, not to mention about the high level of professionalism when presenting the result. Click here to get to the official website and allow yourself to be amazed. The gallery introduces an almost perfect arrangement, while the numerous awards achieved overtime guarantee for high quality standards. You can obviously leave yourself in good hands.

Alexander Event Catering

1101 Holland Dr

Boca Raton, FL 33487

Phone: 561243-ALEX, 5615026168



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1101 Holland Dr Boca Raton, FL 33487
26.407421, -80.11058300000002
561243-ALEX, 5615026168

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