How To Look After Your Meat Grinder

A meat grinder may not be your first item on a list of Christmas presents but it surely comes in handy if you are an amateur chef, love cooking or simply have a large family with an increased meat appetite. There is nothing better than grinding your own meat, fresh, whenever you want to try a new dish with sausages, beef or meatballs. And since there are a wide variety of meat grinders on the market, you will easily find one that will satisfy all your needs and desires without taking away all your savings. However, looking after your meat grinder to ensure its long lasting existence is a little bit more complicated, but could easily turn into a bearable routine if you follow these simple steps:

Choose the one for your own needs

Meat grinders are usually divided into two categories – manual and electric. Manual grinders are cheaper and portable, meaning you can set them up everywhere you go. On the other side, electric grinders might cost more but will help you grind a larger quantity of meat in a limited amount of time and you will not have to worry about working out your arm muscles too harshly either. Decide which type of meat grinder is the most suitable for you by taking a look at the reviews from

Don’t forget to prepare the meat before grinding

Don’t just take your meat out of the box or bag and simply put it in the grinder. There is a slight “ritual” for preparing the meat if you want to preserve its moisture and make sure it is the perfect choice for your future dish. Wash the meat with cold water or even while putting some ice cubes on it – this way your meat will be easily grinded and not disperse through the counters because it is too soft.

Every once in a while you will have to stop your grinding process to clean the machine from residues and excessive fat so don’t forget to do that if you are looking after the long life expectance of this kitchen appliance.

Wash the machine

Before and after each use your meat grinder should be thoroughly washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. Bear in mind that raw meat can contain dangerous bacteria so hygiene is clearly important. Use your grinder for meat purposes only and don’t try to grind bones, skin or other parts of an animal that could result in breaking the machine.

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