3 Ways Influencers Can Help Elevate Your Brand on Instagram

Do you ever wonder why a post by a famous person ends up receiving noticeably more likes than the same post by an ordinary person?

Even if you look closely, there is no difference between their posts. It’s basically the same post!

Well, this shouldn’t come off as a surprise because there’s a thing called influencer marketing.

The famous person received more likes because he is an influencer. And because he is an influencer, he can help you step up your game on Instagram.

Here are some ways on how he can do so.

1. Collaborate with Fellow Influencers

A big plus of having an influencer work for you is that you can easily gain access to a sea of other influencers — thanks to him. After all, an influencer tends to work with his pack.

So, let’s say your chosen influencer can reach 10,000 people. And let’s say his fellow influencers — 5 of them — can also reach 10,000 people.

This means that you can reach not just 10,000 people, but 50,000 more people!

If you can get your chosen influencer to spread the word about your brand to his “family”, you can definitely create a much bigger following.

2. Use User-Generated Content

Then there’s the fact that virtually everything an influencer does on Instagram is “the coolest thing ever”.

You can request your influencer to encourage his followers to post content on Instagram with an affiliation to your brand. This is how you can maximize the power of user-generated content.

Simply put, let your chosen influencer use a unique hashtag that represents your brand. And then, he can use this hashtag on his posts with the aim of encouraging his followers to do the same.

3. Market Using Different Platforms

Additionally, an influencer can help you by marketing with the use of different platforms. This widens your reach because it increases the number of people who can contact you and your brand.

While Instagram can help you promote your brand effectively, other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are also up for making great things happen to your brand. So, use them, too.

If matters get a bit confusing because you would then have a lot to monitor, take some load off your plate. Let an Instagram automation tool help.

To get started, check out this link: https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/top-instagram-bot/. It is where you will find a list of the best Instagram bots of 2018.


Inarguably, there is power in influencer marketing. This influential power can help you skyrocket your way to the top.

And if you’re bringing in an influencer, make sure you choose someone you truly believe in. This way, you could power up your brand exactly how you want to.

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